Saturday, November 8, 2008

Roy's trip to Wal Mart

My lovely husband volunteered to go to the grocery store this morning. I feel kinda sorry for him now. He was very thoughtful and decided to pick up my feminine hygeine products for me. I told him before he left that they were the yellow boxes. The following are the words he said to me while describing:

" I really hoped for a glowing, shining yellow box that would just call out to me and say 'hey roy- take me and get the hell out of this aisle!'. Unfortunately, all of the boxes were BLUE, Kristen. And by the way, I had no idea that women needed so much stuff for down there. I mean come on, the aisle is L-shaped! So I hoped to find the box quickly, but no, I had to be the hairy pervert lurking in the corner, pacing back and forth, muttering about a yellow box. "

His strange trip didn't end there. Apparently Wal Mart has all ready set up for Christmas. He needed some Charcoal, and went in through the garden entrance. It appears that the Santa's are all ready out in front, ringing the bells. Today's shift included a Chinese santa who knows just a few words of English--" Merry Christmas, YOU!" . Roy said the santa made a point to say this to everybody coming in, forcing he and roy to "break down" so Roy could just get past him.

Always at Wal Mart, eh?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My upcoming birthday treat...

There is only one thing I want for my birthday this year....

And I'm going to get it!

Can you guess what it is??

Oh, so freakin hot!

Daniel Craig Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, September 25, 2008

To Bail Out, or Not To Bail Out

Oh Ron Paul, you're my hero....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008


well, things are moving pretty fast right now. I just bought a new(er) car, and it made me realize again that i'm not quite as frivolous or irresponsible as i used to be. I was laying in bed last night, thinking of the changes to come, and I visualized how I felt about my life right now. What came to me was a picture of me in a river current, beginning to go with the flow, rather than sideways down the current. I guess that 's pretty accurate about my feelings of my life. For a long time, i struggled against the forces around me, going in the wrong direction. Now i feel like I'm starting to turn, and things are going smoother. I know there will be bumps and scrapes along the way, but at least I can navigate them easier now.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lefty Fun Time

I had to post these pictures...One of Lefty's Favorite Activities is hanging out on top of doors- he can play there for probably about 20 minutes at a time...Can you see his big belly?

Part-Time Kitty

Time to give some love to Motley, our part-time cat. She is such a precious kitty...We think she belongs to one of our neighbors, but it sure did look like she was starving when we first met her. Since then, she's gotten plenty of gravy food to fatten her up....

Backyard Mystery

Roy and I were sitting out back this weekend, enjoying some barbeque, when he noticed something amiss with the side of our shed behind our house. The shed sits up off the ground a couple of inches, so we could definitely tell that there was some kind of critter that was making its home underneath the shed! We don't actually know what it is yet, because we haven't seen it- We found a second hole against the fence in the back of the yard, so it makes sense that we haven't seen the animal yet. We think it is probably an armadillo, or ground hog. I just hope its not having babies under there! Check out these pictures of the hole-you can sort of see the hole...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Eye Candy

I decided to take a moment to highlight two very sexy men. I think Daniel Craig has to be my favorite actor right now...Isn'the delectable? He can rescue me any time...

As far as Michael Phelps- Roy and I watched him in the 04 Olympics, he is a machine, and also so nice to look at!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Surprises at 25

I've learned some things recently that no one mentions will happen to you once you hit your mid twenties:

1. You can get allergies, even if you've never suffered from them before like this crap...

2. You actually have to start thinking about making really large purchases. At 19, the thought of getting a loan for a car made me want to cower under a bed.

3. You can't just eat whatever you want anymore, with no consequences. unfortunately.

4. What is up with going to bed at 10:00 so i can be rested for work? What happened to staying up as late as i wanted and being able to make it the next day just fine?

I'm sure there will be more wonderful surprises to come when I'm 30!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer of the End

well, summer is here, and that usually means alot of lazing around for me and Roy. But not this summer. We've decided that this will be a summer full of events. Why, you ask? Hopefully by the end of the summer, we'll be ready to expand our family! Which is why we'd like to get in more " just the two of us" moments before those times become very rare, from what I hear. A summer kind of like when we first met: an adventure around every corner. First up was the Hayes Carl show here in Fayetteville on Dickson street. It was EXCELLENT! I almost didn't go, but man am I sure glad I did. Bonus-he's from Arkansas, so I got to have a little pride in our hometown musician. Next up: I'll be going solo on this adventure, but Roy will be there in spirit: My mother, my sis, and I will be going to the Spring River, located in our hometown and home to many of my fondest memories growing up. I want to come back nice and toasty burned. After that, Roy and I will be partaking in an evening with THE freaking BLACK CROWES!!!!! This kind of show hasn't been around in a while (especially since the band just got back together), so we are sooo pumped to see them. Extra nice because the hotel we are staying at shuttles you to and from the show, so i can be as irresponsible as I want! More posts to come about the Summer of the End!

Friday, May 16, 2008


What a week...I am so drained. I've spent all week preparing legal papers, and that can take it out of you. I'm really ready for the weekend to start, but its still a couple of hours away. Today was a pretty bad day, i felt like I'd regressed a little bit back into the really anxious, nervous person I used to be, i suppose its because of the amount of stress this week. But I took a step back from the picture, and prayed for inner peace, and I all ready feel better. That's a big difference from what I used to do, which was panick and curl into a ball (metaphorically). Kinda makes me think I can handle more than I realize. HELLO WEEKEND!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


These are my good friends Wes and Nancy Miller. They've been married for about a year, I'm so glad I can call them my friends! They've been taking dance lessons since before they were married, I'm so proud!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Roy Boy

Roy's getting a haircut today, I thought i would show a side by side of the two husbands I have :-)

My Mountain Man, and my Cleaned up Honey


I'm thinking about making the trip to Bonnarroo this year. Its an annual music festival held in Tennessee. One catch, though: I know how these festivals go, I won't be able to shower for three days, no bathrooms, and alot of hippies. lol. Roy and I have friends who are taking an RV to the show, which could be awesome, but does it outweigh the drive and inconveniences if you're able to see your all time favorite musician, Jack White? Heck yes it does!! I'd throw my panties at him if i could. He plays guitar better than anyone I've ever heard-Yep better than Jimi Hendrix, Wayne Allmond, you name it. An added bonus of Jack Johnson in the festival this year, too. Soooo tempting....


I thought I'd post some of my favorite funny movies, in case you haven't seen them.

1. Galaxy Quest- I laugh almost the whole way through every time I watch this. My favorite character is "Guy".

2. The Big Lebowski- John Goodman is classic

3. Raising Arizona- "Aw, honeh" Nicholas Cage in one of his few comedic roles

4. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy- Has the same actor as "Guy" as the President of the Galaxy.

5. I recently watched "Multiplicity" again with Michael Keaton.

Try some of these, or one of these, i'm sure you'll have a night of laughter!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Time to extoll on my husband's virtues. Top ten lists seems accurate:

1. He doesn't mind when I'm schlumpi (for those of you who don't know what "schlumpi" means, its when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. every day. like me.)

2. He loves our cats almost as much as i do

3. He can make me laugh until i snort

4. He has a better taste in music than anyone i've ever met in my life. I can't count how many artists he's brought into my musical life.

5. Roy has a friend whom he's known all his life; One of the first times i met this guy, he wasn't that great of a person, and made me cry. Roy was ready to slay a dragon when he saw that I was upset, even though it was one of his closest friends that did it. (Said friend and I are all good now, that was a night with too much alcohol.)

6. The little things: e.g. opening tough jars, wrestling with fake christmas trees, chasing the cats around when they are waking me up in the morning, daily lunchtime calls to see how my day is going

7. He's an awesome provider, a harder worker I've never met.

8. He plays with my hair while we are watching movies

9. I've never felt more loved when he looks at me

10. This one's for me to keep...


A little face time for my adorable, genius nieces. How can you not love those faces?


After reading all of my friends and family's blogs, I felt compelled to start my own. I grew up in a small town in ash flat, arkansas, and moved after high school to Fayetteville. I married Roy in October of 06, and I've never been happier. Roy grew up in Mena, another small town, so we both know what its like to live in a town like that (if you've lived in my town or Mena, you know what I mean). So far we have just two cats, though we hope to change that status soon. I swear its like almost every female I know is pregnant or just had a baby. It makes you start looking around and wondering what you're waiting for. On top of the fact that every time you greet a family member, they are waiting for you to tell them you're pregnant. Can you tell what's on my mind now?