Saturday, November 8, 2008

Roy's trip to Wal Mart

My lovely husband volunteered to go to the grocery store this morning. I feel kinda sorry for him now. He was very thoughtful and decided to pick up my feminine hygeine products for me. I told him before he left that they were the yellow boxes. The following are the words he said to me while describing:

" I really hoped for a glowing, shining yellow box that would just call out to me and say 'hey roy- take me and get the hell out of this aisle!'. Unfortunately, all of the boxes were BLUE, Kristen. And by the way, I had no idea that women needed so much stuff for down there. I mean come on, the aisle is L-shaped! So I hoped to find the box quickly, but no, I had to be the hairy pervert lurking in the corner, pacing back and forth, muttering about a yellow box. "

His strange trip didn't end there. Apparently Wal Mart has all ready set up for Christmas. He needed some Charcoal, and went in through the garden entrance. It appears that the Santa's are all ready out in front, ringing the bells. Today's shift included a Chinese santa who knows just a few words of English--" Merry Christmas, YOU!" . Roy said the santa made a point to say this to everybody coming in, forcing he and roy to "break down" so Roy could just get past him.

Always at Wal Mart, eh?