Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer of the End

well, summer is here, and that usually means alot of lazing around for me and Roy. But not this summer. We've decided that this will be a summer full of events. Why, you ask? Hopefully by the end of the summer, we'll be ready to expand our family! Which is why we'd like to get in more " just the two of us" moments before those times become very rare, from what I hear. A summer kind of like when we first met: an adventure around every corner. First up was the Hayes Carl show here in Fayetteville on Dickson street. It was EXCELLENT! I almost didn't go, but man am I sure glad I did. Bonus-he's from Arkansas, so I got to have a little pride in our hometown musician. Next up: I'll be going solo on this adventure, but Roy will be there in spirit: My mother, my sis, and I will be going to the Spring River, located in our hometown and home to many of my fondest memories growing up. I want to come back nice and toasty burned. After that, Roy and I will be partaking in an evening with THE freaking BLACK CROWES!!!!! This kind of show hasn't been around in a while (especially since the band just got back together), so we are sooo pumped to see them. Extra nice because the hotel we are staying at shuttles you to and from the show, so i can be as irresponsible as I want! More posts to come about the Summer of the End!